storyderm PHILOSOPHY

STORYDERM laboratories represent TOP-OF-THE-LINE "SCIENCE COSMETICS" for Beauty, Anti-aging, Well-Being and Medical skin care.
STORYDERM the skin rejuvenation by stimulation of cell proliferation.
Strengthening skin elasticity by inducing the synthesis of collagen and elastin, dermatological skin care peptide by dermatological treatment.

New technology of Dermatology

With high technology - OSMOCELL & Emulsifying technology,
it relieves basic reason of skin troubles with high penetration ratio of active ingredients.

It makes the best skin as it discovers the reason of each skin disorders and prevents them.

You can do the treatment immediately at your most comfortable place.

From European Tradition :
The Lily Symbol

This traditional european lily symbol is from tradition and inspiration of european.

The pattern of top shows Lily, a symbol of purity, means nature and represents
natural cosmetics company.
And it pursues image of cosmetics company which has well-versed root
by adding image of Europe traditional pattern.

This care brand is from european tradition for skin optimization.

OSMOCELL New Technology

High-technology OSMOCELL for fast and immediate skin care
storyderm has been exported to many countries with its own technology and effect.


The World of storyderm

storyderm has been exported to many
countries with its own technology and effect.

You may meet storyderm in each country.

the bestest skin for anti-aging

We do our best on research and development for our slogan "The bestest skin for anti-aging".
We develop storyderm with philisophy of SENSCO which research only the skin for skin optimization.
We advance our own brand by developing TIMEMACHINE of PDO thread, filler and botox for anti-aging.